Monday, November 2, 2009

Surviving the swine flu!

I started this blog and immediately got sick with the flu and didn't write any more. I am getting over it now and feel like it's time to update things so as to keep my momentum going. I am intent on sharing my thoughts on this blog and if I slack for a while I'll just give up on it. The entire purpose is that I learn to get outside of my head and work things out.
So, here I am again writing about things and actually enjoying myself. Of course, it helps that I finally got my new split keyboard in the mail today because that hideous straight one was NO GOOD at all. I'd gotten used to it, but it was still never comfortable, this one is SO much better.
The flu! Having the flu is never fun, but this swine flu was just wrong! First of all it kept teasing me for like three days. Kept giving me that "something's coming on" headache and low fever, but then nothing. Finally after three days of that there were three days of HIGH fever, coughing, headache, nausea and restlessness. Just miserable days. Couldn't sleep laying down because I couldn't breathe. The restlessness was almost worse than the rest of it. Once I finally got the fever down to not cooking my brain it just hung on for another four days sort of coming and going, but not getting as high as at first. I'd feel a little bit better and then, bam back where I started.
Since it's just Jordan and me here it was terrible on the house. Jordan certainly doesn't do anythig around here when he feels good so when he was still feeling bad himself he did less than nothing. I tried a couple of times to clean up, but it never worked out. I pooped out before I got much done. Once Jordan was feeling better he just refused to help at all which ticked me off and that made it all worse. I was mad at him for not doing one simple thing I asked him to do, so I got up and did it myself and then felt worse for getting out of breath and all worked up.
Anyway, almost all better now. I just have this cough lingering now and even though it's really annoying I am just glad to be better than I was the last ten days. THANK GOODNESS!! I have vowed never to get sick again. Yeah, we'll see, but I'm certainly going to try HARD to stay well...and I'm going to appreciate being well!!! I PROMISE!!

Now, for a bit of a funny that happened on me today, sort of because of being sick. Valerie and I were watching Modern Family from this past week. The part where the two gay guys locked the baby in the car is just too funnnnnnyyyy! The little chubby one running with the trash can saying, "I'm gonna break the window" in that high pitched voice just kills me...almost litterally!
We watched it and laughed and then Valerie went to sit at the computer desk and I started laughing again. The only thing is I couldn't really laugh because I have that annoying congestion in my chest and so I sort of got choked on the laugh....and suddenly I didn't know what was happening and Valerie was standing over me saying "Mom, what are you doing, what are you doing?"
Apparently I passed out and was jerking around and my eyes were rolling back in my head cause I got so out of breath....hehehe. Scared the hooey out of too for a minute there. I've often thought that was going to happen to me, but this is the first time that I've actually passed out from laughing too funny is that?????
Okay, gotta go now. Talk to you later!

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