Saturday, November 14, 2009

football and nonsense....

Good game last night~ Loboes pull out a one point win in ot and are on to the next week of playoffs. Next week, believe it or not, we will be playing in Early. We'll be playing San Saba, which makes me happy. Of course I better not get too happy because when I get overly happy about who we are playing we tend to not win so much...hehehe.
Anyway, Jordan and I were just looking up brackets and whatever on the computer and trying to figure out who we might play the next week and on to State if we should continue on...which we will because we are the Loboes. I just love the football!!!
So, next week we'll be close and be playing a game I'm pretty sure we'll win easily. I like that. Then maybe we'll get to play Sanford-Fritch!!
As for now I'm just so happy that the game turned out like it did last night. OT play is always a nail biter, but last night was REALLY a hard one to wait out. I like it when the game is not a run away, but I hate it when everything we do seems to get undone by the other team and we seem to be running in place...BUT winning is winning and it lets us play again.
After the game I had the strangest dreams all night about going on a trip with my dad and my kids. I lost the car in a parking lot and never did find it. I was very frustrated when I woke up, but it is always nice to dream about dad. Well, at least when it's good dreams.
Ugh! There are so many flies in my house...I had the door open a lot yesterday because it was so pretty out and they just decided that it's great to be indoor flies and I think they have raised tiny little fly families in here now. I'm about to get the fly swatter out and start ending the family tree!!
Other than those things it's just a quiet Saturday and I'm about to get off here and get Jordan to work on his room and get myself to work on the kitchen and the laundry. Now that I have everyone else's laundry done I can get all mine done! I'll be glad when Christmas comes and Valerie gets her new w/d so she can keep up with her own laundry. I don't mind doing hers for her, but it gets me behind at times on my own and I hate to be behind on laundry. hehee..I just looked and there is probably one load in there, what a baby am I to complain about one load!?
Okay, talk to you later...the phone's ringing!

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