Monday, November 9, 2009

Another Monday!

I got up this morning looking forward to a new week with the kids and the house and just life in general. Feeling good today. Then the kids decided to I know they are just curious and full of energy and all that, but by lunch time I was tired of the day and ready for it to be over with. Oh well, nap time always renews me for the afternoon and I'm still riding pretty high off of the fact that I didn't die with that stupid flu, so it's all good.
I'm still fighting a cough and feeling like I'm not getting much air even though I feel like I'm breathing okay. It's just taking so long to get over this mess and I want to feel all better so I can do things. Mostly I'd just like to get back to walking on the treadmill in the mornings. I feel sluggish when I don't get to start my day out with a little activity, but the way I am right now I can't start out with activity, or I'll pass out...
The good news is the family is doing well. Jordan has really been doing well since his last medication change. I'm so glad of that. He's been getting up for school fairly easily and there have been no outbursts or threats or anything like that. This past weekend was strange.
He went off to the football game on Friday night with the band and didn't get home until after midnight, but I had told him before school that day that he was going to have to spend the weekend at home getting his room clean and in some sort of order. He agreed, but then woke me up after getting home from the game to see if he could spend the night with Tyler. He doesn't usually spend the night with Tyler, and being asleep I agreed. So, Saturday morning he wasn't home and I had to go off to Abilene for a little while. I left a note telling him what all he needed to do when he got home.
I got home at about four and he had been home, ignored the note and was gone again. I called his friends to find him and figured out where he was, but I decided not to go get him because he KNEW that I had asked that he stay home this weekend and I really expected him to call and come home soon on his own. He never did. Late Saturday night he came in and got his medication and apparently decided to spend the night with another friend and Sunday morning I headed off to Church on my own.
I found a note when I got home from Church saying he would be home by three....well, the end of the story is, at about seven fifteen he called to see if I could come pick him up. I did and didn't mention anything about the weekend. I got the house cleaned on my own, except for his room. I'm NOT doing his room for him, he's almost 15 years old he can clean his own room. He never argued with me Sunday night when I told him to get a shower and get ready for bed at eight thirty. I told him I'd be getting him up early in the morning and he didn't balk at that either. He knew he had done wrong, and that's what I'm counting on to get this straight. He needs to know that it's not ME imposing consequences on him, but that he's calling them down on himself. He had to get up early this morning to start work on his room and then he will be sent directly in there to continue when he gets home. Also, I'm not going to allow him to go to his friends' this weekend because he doesn't really deserve to go right now, but we'll talk about that when the time comes.
I have decided that I'm just not going to fight with him anymore, I'm just going to stick to my guns and keep things simple. I can't keep fighting over every single thing that comes up. It's not healthy, it's not good for our home and it's not helping him or me at all!
We'll see how things go this week!
Love and Logic!

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  1. I am thrilled to be following your blog. Thanks for asking me!!! I've always known you were brilliant (you get that from me...but not the physics, that must be Lloyd!) Anyway, happy blogging. Love you. Jana